Website disclaimer and position for Zapperguy is that we provide well-made, reliable devices that are a source of particular waveforms for people that for their own reasons unknown to us, wish to experiment with those waveforms in experiments designed by them for their own purposes. That purpose could be to prove or disprove theories regarding these devices. These waveforms may easily be created on an expensive function generator. We simply provide a small, inexpensive battery powered function generator that is limited to generating a few waveforms.


There is a forum of people that experiment with these where they share their experiences, both pros and cons. You may find that at:

There are also many books by Hulda Clark available at

We offer no claims regarding usage, no suggestions, no advice.

These are intended for people that are familiar with her theories and wish to obtain an inexpensive, yet accurate source of the waveform she describes.

Why you would want one and what you would do with it, is entirely your business. Should you purchase one of ours, it is without encouragement from us, or suggestion that is suitable for any particular purpose.


Thank you for your interest in our products, and for viewing our website disclaimer, if you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us at our site contact form.