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October 19, 2012
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High Quality/Low Price, a superb execution of Dr. Clark’s Zapper with Three (3) frequencies, high-power and stabilized wave technology.
Made with ground plane circuitry. Completely stable at all frequencies.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Much better construction than competitive units
  • More accurate output due to more precise components
  • Same-day shipping from in-stock items

The Z4eX Meets the latest Dr. Clark Specifications

Made by actual degreed electronic engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military level testing and quality control. Absolutely guaranteed to produce the EXACT output specified by Dr. Clark. No guessing if it was made right!


THREE FREQUENCIES: 30kHz, 2.5kHz and 15Hz

  • Highest-power
  • 0.25v positive offset, STABILIZED WAVE TECHNOLOGY
  • Low battery light (a FIRST on a three frequency zapper!!). Our low battery light is operated by a dedicated precision voltage monitor integrated circuit, not “generic parts”.
  • Compact (3″x2.5″x1″), easy to use design with STANDARD BANANA JACK OUTPUTS
  • Easy to access battery compartment, with simple snap in replacement. Battery holder is keyed so putting the battery in wrong is impossible, with the added protection of a reverse polarity diode, to protect against battery reversal.
  • Included 6″ copper handholds with lustrous finish and finely beveled edges (NO SHARP edges here!!)
  • EXTRA-FLEXIBLE LEADS with easy to use banana plugs and alligator clips for attaching zapper to copper handholds.
  • Conductive, elastic wrist straps with coil cords and removable plugs are also available, please see below.
  • Lifetime warranty included – have peace of mind in the quality of your zapper.
  • Components used are of a much higher tolerance (1% resistors, 2% capacitors) then competitive units, making for a MUCH MORE PRECISE OUTPUT.
  • High-quality custom poly-carbonate label.


Add $13 to your order if you require wrist-straps IN ADDITION to the copper handholds
Add $8 to your order if you require wrist-straps INSTEAD of the copper handholds

Micro circuitry makes this small and ergonomic custom molded case possible. Built with great care and lots of engineering time, no detail has been overlooked. This is a superb execution of Dr. Clark’s Zapper, mass produced by real engineers at a very low price so that anyone that wants to experiment with one, can do so with high confidence.

This is a green product, contains no lead and is made with the preservation of our environment in mind!

Unit operates on a standard 9 volt battery.
Please note, unit does not ship with battery

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in
Add-on Options

Z4eX w/ Copper Handles ($59.95), Z4eX w/ Wrist-Straps ($67.95), Z4eX w/ Wrist-Straps & Copper Handles ($72.95)

23 reviews for Z4eX

  1. Cherie B.

    This zapper works GREAT! I’m a transplant recipient which means I have a compromised immune system caused by the use of anti rejection drugs. Before I purchased this zapper 2 years ago, I stayed in the hospital & doctor’s office. I’ve had respiratory infections 5 times, a UTI twice, pneumonia, and a sinus infection. No medications like antibiotics were used, only my zapper twice a day, clean well water, food grade peroxide, and hemp seed oil daily. This model is extremely well made, as it takes a lick-in & keeps on tick-in!
    I highly recommend it.
    And to you zapper guy, thank you so much for providing an inexpensive, extremely well made zapper, for those of us on fixed incomes. God Bless!

  2. Sam Feaster (verified owner)

    I have bought one for myself and others for my friends. These are excellent and give me all I’ll ever need in a zapper.
    Got over a flu in one day with this zapper. Excellent at parasite elimination. I like the 15Hz for very deep infections although it can sting a bit if I use it any place other than in my hands ( nevertheless, I often place a copper handle in my sock on the outside of an ankle ). I usually use the 15Hz and immediately follow with the 30KHz. I don’t like the 2.5Khz (Dr Rife)- it seems to tire me without results – this is probably just me – I have never liked the Rife technologies on my body, many others love it.
    Wetting a paper towel with a salt solution works much better then tap water alone – though that is OK. For the salt water I put a teaspoon of sea salt in half a cup of water.

  3. rhonda (verified owner)

    Having a Zapper is a necessity! It’s benefits are wonderful! I have Medulary Sponge Kidneys and am subject to very painful Kidney Infections frequently. I was in the middle of a Kidney Infection with a 103 degree fever and zapped — I felt the fever leave my body in 5 minutes!!! (drugs for Kidney Infections take 48 hours for relief) I also had a very bad strain of the flu this winter and zapped the second day of sickness, fever left in minutes, and went back to work the next day — others I talked to were sick for 10 days to 2 weeks. I use only Energizer Batteries (regular Duracell isn’t as powerful).

  4. Alexander K

    I bought the zapper 2 weeks ago To replace the battery is hart to remove . The wrisk band are to smal need 2 inch longer and the end need to a half overlap. I have to use a needle nose player to get the end out to tighten it up. Other wise the unit is good and works find. It is a battery user.
    Thanks Alexander K

  5. Sharonda (verified owner)

    I bought the Z4eX unit and I must say I am so pleased with everything. The unit arrived on time and my zapper works. After 3 uses the positive metal piece inside broke in the unit. What was phenomenal was the service. I contacted customer service by email and received another unit within 2-3 days without a problem at all and I didn’t have to send the unit back first before receiving the new one. I have to say that means a lot. I will be ordering from The Zapper Guy and will recommend others. You have a customer for life! Thank you.

  6. Brian

    Got this on eBay for a great deal. I have to say that it’s very effective, especially when I wasn’t sure what to think about the whole Clark Zapper idea before I made the purchase. I’ve had some pretty good die-offs with this device. I will say that the 2.5 kHz setting works awesome. I’m doing 7 minutes on 2.5 kHz, followed by 7-8 minutes on 30 kHz, followed by 20 minute breaks. The design is perfect accept for the fact that it doesn’t have a 1 kHz setting (Clark’s frequency for zapping food and teeth). I’m not sure what the 15Hz setting is for yet (close to Bob Beck blood electrifier Frequencies maybe?). Anyway, this is an excellent first zapper. The only way it could be better would be with a 4 way switch so it produces that 1 kHz frequency but I won’t take away stars because it works so well at what it’s designed to do. By the way, just use a butter knife to pop the 9 volt out.

  7. Critter (verified owner)

    This is the best zapper on the market. Works every time. It should last forever. I’m very pleased. Do yourself a favor and get one (or more) today.

  8. farhep

    i only give your Zappicator four stars because i recently recived it, i read that its energys flip the d form of amino acids into the l form – i’m hoping that it doe’s the same thing with malic acid.
    Testing for the presence of the ten advertised magnets with a nail – i was amazed to discover the one they sent me has eleven magnets!
    Oh i aint complaining, maybe i was sent the prototype for Zappicator Two by mistake.

    • bconfer

      There are eleven magnets in the Zappicator, there must be a typo on the page for it. I will edit that, thank you for pointing that out!

      We hope you enjoy it.

  9. David Howe

    I just ordered 5 items but I do not see a clear description of what the Zappicator does , or how it works . Maybe someone can educate me and you definitely need to add to the web site explanation for sure.

  10. Nadra (verified owner)

    Okay I want to first say… it might be a little too soon to write a review as I just got this device yesterday. I have been suffering from Fibromylagia bad for 4 years. I was suffering from it a few years before, but it got really bad around 4 years ago to where it changed my life completely. I probably have every bad symptom associated with Fibro… I went to docs on and off… and finally I gave my recent doctor a letter she could read with ALL my symptoms and issues and requested to be sent to a Fibromylagia specialist and also be tested for bacteria and viruses if possbile, because I seriously do not think she was getting it. She finally offered to do some tests to see if I had cytomegalovirus or the Epstein Barr virus. I always felt it had to be some sort of virus related, as I always had the feeling of the flu a lot… She decided to test me for those as I guess because they are linked to Fibro and she told me she also had a patient who had all my same symptoms and suffered like me and she was tested for those then treated and was so much better. Well after looking up about those viruses I read information on the Zapper. I am still waiting for my test results, but I already was a firm believer on the power of Frequencies and what they can do…. so I just had to try a Zapper. Luckily I found this Zapper on Ebay.. and after the reviews I knew I had as good of a chance with this Zapper as any other well known Zapper such as Hulda Clark Zappers… and a price that was best for me and doable THAT day. I ordered it.. and it arrived sooo fast! I got it yesterday and I used it last night, because the last few weeks I have felt HORRIBLE. I mean having my WORST flare ups.. which tend to happen when it’s cold weather. I can never tell if I am sick with something or if it’s my Fibromylagia flaring up… I also had an abscess tooth that was adding onto my problems.. and because I HAD it so long.. something didn’t feel right in my head. I mean months ago I actually felt a POP on the side I found out I had an abscess tooth on. I had a crown that fell out a year ago.. and my upper and lower jaw was swollen very badly and it hurt very badly which I was able to get under control in a day with the use of a taking a clove of garlic. But then I could feel that I had infection so I went to the dentist after researching that swollen lymph nodes was a sign of an abscess and sure enough I had one! I had it removed been on antibiotics but have been sick ever since still and that’s been over 2 weeks ago. .. so with all that let me say….

    I use this zapper 4 times yesterday. I used it 14 mins at 30 khz twice, and 2.5 hz twice taking 20 min breaks in between. Today I woke up feeling sooo much better! Not perfect, but whatever extra that I started to having going on felt almost gone!

    So I am completely optimistic right now. I used it again today.. I even tried the 15 hz for a bit.. I did feel a little weird after using it today but still able to function.. as I was not able to function prior to using this device. I am definitely going to write some updates as I progress, but I have to say that “I believe” this device does do what any other Zapper claims to do. =D

    Thanks so much for something that might possibly change my life and at least gave me one pretty good day!! <3

  11. sclife02 (verified owner)

    Does the Z4eX device produce enough output to support footpads?

    • bconfer

      The Z4eX puts out a square wave with a peak to peak voltage of 0.25 volts less than the charge in the 9v battery being used. The 0.25v loss is for the positive offset. If that is enough to drive footpads is up to the end user. We will have conductive socks to offer soon!

  12. rene

    Got the zapper today, but why does it not have a timer? Is that not necessary?
    Also the battery is very hard to remove…
    do you need to wet the copper handles?

    • bconfer

      You may wet the handles if you wish.

      If you wish to use a time-specific protocol, that is up to you. It does not have a built in timer, nor is it advertised that way anywhere.

      Thank you.

  13. Yeshayah

    Hi there, need a zapper so many out there.

    You have two types. One for $25 and one $50 – $70 and does it come with the handles or traps? I believed i have tape worm. Just need the right zapper! Please help.


    • bconfer


      The $29.95 (Mini) and $59.95 (Z4eX) models come with handles. The Z4eX has other options as well for wrist straps or both, you may select that option when adding it to your cart.

      Thank you.

  14. Katharine Harrison

    I just received the $29.95 Mini model and I don’t have anything that even looks like handles.
    Do you just wrap a wrist sweatband around it to wear it??

    If it came in twice it is because it was indicated that I had to give it a rating which I then
    did even tho I haven’t tried it yet. I only sent it once.

    Does your response mean you are not going to answer the handle question?

    • bconfer

      Thank you for your comment. What is your order number? I am not seeing anything with this email address.

      Thank you,

  15. Connie M Brady


    • bconfer

      Any standard 9v battery will work. They are available at hardware stores, grocery stores, big-box stores, etc.

      Thank you.

  16. Debzs

    Can i use two zappers at once?

    • bconfer

      Our policy (http://store.zapperguy.net/website-disclaimer/) is that we sell our zappers only as experimental devices. As such, we do not provide usage advice or make any claims.

      Electrically, the two zappers would operate independently of each other. If using two is a good idea or not however, we cannot say.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  17. frode sångberg


    Is there any difference in the effect using wrist wraps compared to the handles? i only have the wrist wraps and i want to get rid of some parasites.

    best wishes frode

    • bconfer

      Thank you for your comment.

      Electrically, there is no difference in the transmission of the waveform, as both are very conductive.

      With that said, Dr. Clark preferred the copper handholds.

      Thank you.

  18. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a great device that works well at a better cost than most zappers. I’ve also purchased the 15hz zapper and the 30khz ten dollar zapper here. For comparison, I’ve also purchased a zapperplans zapper from their website.

    It seems like every zapper (even the same model) probably has a slightly to somewhat different frequency (even though they might all be pretty close to 30khz or what-have-you). Even though they use square waves, which should cover a vast array of frequencies, it seems to me like the frequency used is still very important.

    I actually liked the frequency I happened to get on my zapperplans zapper better for many (definitely not all) purposes, but I think the Z4EX is more powerful, and I like the design of the Z4EX a whole lot more. It’s nice that the cords are removable (because things get yanked sometimes, and that can break a zapper if they’re not removable). It’s an intelligent design. I really like that it tells you when the battery is low.

    I have a few qualms with this zapper:

    1. The battery is super tight and doesn’t come with a little cloth flap to make it easy to remove.
    2. It would be really nice if it had more frequencies. The more frequencies, the better. That being said, I could just get another one, and it would probably have slightly different frequencies that I might like more. I got two or three of the ten-dollar zappers (and a few more zapperplans zappers) to test them out for that purpose.

    It would be really nice if there were a $10-15 2.5khz zapper. That’s the main popular frequency that interests me, actually. The Z4EX is the least expensive zapper I know that has that frequency.

    Honestly, I mostly just use my zappers to zap garden seeds, these days (as a precaution against pathogens), but I do this a lot. It seems to work (I’ve been doing it for a couple years).

    Back in the day, I used zappers for heatlh issues, and they helped quite a bit. They do need to be used intelligently, however. I don’t recommend using zappers while sleeping, although it might seem beneficial. The zapper will have a different effect for each kind of metal you use with it (it’s almost like it changes the frequency or something). I don’t recommend using handholds with heavy metals or harmful metals in them.

    I don’t recommend getting rechargeable batteries for zappers. The reason is, you want the 9.6v nine-volt batteries, and rechargeable ones are usually less than that (7.2v, 8.4v, etc; although a few expensive ones are 9.6v). Alkaline batteries like Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac, Sunbeam and others should be fine. You can use a multimeter to test the voltage. If you buy batteries online, you might find better deals on eBay than Amazon, currently (August, 2016). The AmazonBasics batteries are a pretty good deal, but they might not fit in this zapper, since they’re a little bigger than normal, and this is a tight fit for regular 9-volts—they should work fine for the ten-dollar zapper, though.

    • bconfer

      Thank you for your very thoughtful review.

      The battery compartment is tight, a pull tab of some sort is a good suggestion. We will look into that in the future.

      We use very tight tolerance resistors and capacitors in our circuits, but in the end it is an analog circuit. There are going to be some fluctuations in frequency as you point out.

      You are also correct regarding rechargeable batteries, they do not work well in zappers.

      At this time, we do not have any plans to make a 2.5kHz model of our World’s Smallest. If we get enough requests, we will.

      Thank you again for your insight.

  19. Alexey

    This is one of the best Zappers out there. I’m on my second one (gave the first away as a gift). I use this one with the zapper socks, and I also own the Carol Croft zapper. This one has more ranges and is more ‘traditional’ and very accurate, while Carol’s is stronger and hovers around 30.5Hz with wide variations, and is good for other assistive uses. You can’t ever have too many zappers. 🙂

  20. Ian (verified owner)

    FINALLY so happy my nerve damage and “unknown” issues of new times is %111 better after 7 days…. Highly recommended, found this and energy immediately put back in my life as well as clear thoughts. THANK you guys

  21. seremcom

    Saludos por favor, cuanto me cuesta este Producto Z4eX, incluyendo + costo de envio a Guayaquil – Ecuador.

    Mi nombre es Antonio Erazo Poveda

  22. pnayden (verified owner)

    Received my order today – fast service and quality product. Thank you for making a device that is also affordable. Used the socks and felt the zapping. This is my 3rd different zapper from three different companies of which I was totally satisfied. Zapping saved my life and would not be without one. Look forward to many healthy years to come.

  23. jewelsjmm

    I’ve used this for years. This is just my personal experience..,It’s saved me so many times. I’ve been very sick with chronic illness. I use the wrist straps on the soles of my feet while I sleep, and the copper hand holds I use during the day. I was living in a water damaged molded home (didn’t realize there was a bad roof leak) and I got asthma. I was wheezing and scared. I was able to stop the wheezing attacks within 30 mins holding copper hand hold to lung. I also killed bladder pain within an hour. I dumbly let the alligator clips rust since I was using it so much…if they rust bad it doesn’t work. I ordered additional cables and anxiously awaited them. Never again will I make that mistake! I bought a second zapper and additional cables and dry the alligator clip off after use. Both zappers still work I just had to throw out the rusted cord.

    I’ve had staph/mrsa in a small spot and used it on that, plus red light therapy and it didn’t get bad and died within a month. It isn’t a quick fix for everything though. I’ve had a stubborn sinus infection prob fungal or staph that nothing will kill…and I had some rashes it didn’t improve. I also used mint and pine supplements for my lungs and the asthma is now totally gone. I think it was an asper lung infection since that mold was yellow in the moldy house…and I read versacolor is yellow. That’s a very hard to kill thing and I was so worried I’d have asthma forever and now that’s gone. I consider my zappers essential and I will now always have two and extra batteries. My health is improving but I still get a lot of random infections.

    An important note: when my clips rusted I was desperate to use it so put the wrist straps on my forearm and I burned my skin bad. It doesn’t burn the sole of your feet, or elsewhere , just move it when it burns — I didn’t notice because I had been very sick vomiting and some kinda bacteria invaded and locked all my muscles excruciating (I couldn’t stand up straight for hours) and the zapper unlocked me! Reduced the pain a ton. But that’s when it rusted and that’s why I didn’t notice the straps were burning because I was already in pain I couldn’t tell the difference. Normally it’s easy to tell and move it when you feel a twinge.

    I hope this company is always in business because it has saved me so many times. Thank you

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