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October 19, 2012
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October 19, 2012

World’s Smallest Zapper

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World’s smallest zapper.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Much better construction than competitive units
  • More accurate output due to more precise components
  • Same-day shipping from STOCK items

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The Sub-Micro Zapper, The World’s Smallest Zapper

Hands free zapping – Improved at lower cost – Get the BEST for LESS

Our World’s Smallest Zapper meets the latest Dr. Clark specifications!

  • There is NO smaller complete zapper.
  • Compatible with traditional handholds, available at low cost!
  • Precision assembled on heavy-duty circuit boards, just like critical military and medical equipment.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 15Hz and 30kHz operating frequencies.  Choose your frequency!
  • LED indicator. (15Hz Blue, 30kHz Red)
  • Smallest and tightest tolerance components on any zapper.
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty

Our World’s Smallest Zapper is made by actual degreed electronic engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military level testing and quality control. Absolutely guaranteed to produce the EXACT output specified by Dr. Clark. No guessing if it was made right! Micro circuitry makes this small and ergonomic custom zapper possible. Built with great care and lots of engineering time, no detail has been overlooked. This is a superb execution of Dr. Clark’s Zapper, mass produced by real engineers at a very low price so that anyone that wants to experiment with one, can do so with high confidence.

This product comes without any accessories, you can get the World’s Smallest with a set of 6 electrodes by purchasing this product!

This is a green product, contains no lead and is made with the preservation of our environment in mind!

Unit operates on a standard 9 volt battery. Please note, unit does not ship with battery.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in

15Hz ($15.95), 30kHz ($9.95)

3 reviews for World’s Smallest Zapper

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Have stuggled with low energy for a long time. After starting zapping yesterday i first felt tired, but i read about that could happen the first time, but after that i felt much more energy, it was amazing! And this morning i woke up with energy, not wired, but just awake. Thank you so much! I recommend this to anybody that wants more energy.

  2. Fajer

    Just received my zapper and very pleased with the quality… Have started using immediately and can tell that it’s doing something. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Impressed by the fast shipping, great customer service and a quality product!

  3. Devin Terrill (verified owner)

    This was my first time experimenting with zappers. This things somehow helped with derealization . My vision went from 2D to 3D after keeping it on me. Whenever something stresses my body, I go back to having 2D vision and a sense of malaise, and wearing the zapper helps bring me back out of it. If I just squeeze the ends with my fingers, I can feel the effects more strongly in my body. The wires did wear out on me and zapperguy was kind enough to replace it. I will have to be more careful in using it.

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