Earthing Cords

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March 17, 2016
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March 13, 2024

Earthing Cords


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Earthing or grounding is the increasingly popular practice of connecting your body to the earth’s electrical ground potential for the purpose of equalizing your body’s electrical potential to the natural potential of the earth.


It is believed by many that the body being at a different electrical potential than the earth causes and/or worsens health problems.  This is due to no direct contact to the earth’s ground, increasing RF energy in the environment, WIFI, microwave, cell signals, smart meters and soon 5G among others.


Walking barefoot on damp ground or in the surf grounds the body to the earth, but for many this is not a convenient or easily available option.


Fortunately, a properly wired electrical system has a ground rod hammered into the earth and connected to all the ground sockets on all of your outlets.  This can be easily verified with a cheap outlet tester from any hardware store.


All that is required to earth or ground yourself is to plug a coiled or straight wire into the round ground pin on a properly wired outlet and to connect the other end to your body by means of a conductive, elastic wrist strap.  It is easy to do this while watching TV, reading or working at a desk.


This kit contains a 15 foot long cord with a round pin to insert in the round ground pin on an electrical outlet and a conductive, elastic wrist strap.  This makes it simple and inexpensive to bring your body’s electrical potential into harmony with the natural potential of the earth.


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